BJ The Chicago Kid Channels D’Angelo For His Latest Release



BJ makes me want to jump inside his videos, that’s how good they are. His newest offering does NOT disappoint, for the life of me I can’t fathom how he’s not bigger than what he is at the moment but I also understand the process of cultivating and honing your talent and waiting on labels to decide when its best to drop your project.

This dude can do no wrong in my eyes and I LOVE that he respects the 90s, but whats more impressive is that he can SANG and he does justice to every D’Angelo record he touches, hell at one point I had to double back and make sure it was BJ singing and not D.

Wouldn’t it be dope if somehow this video fell into the lap of D’Angelo and they collaborated in some way? I’d probably fall out at my computer screen and land in my river of moistness. Be on the look out for BJ’s debut album, In My Mind on your favorite streaming sites sometime later this year. Yes, lawd. Send It On.


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