New Music | Rihanna ft. Drake-Work






I’ve been trying to figure if I really like this song…and after countless listens I think the conclusion is yes, I like. I’m here for Robyn. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat but the drum is hard enough not to come off as a dance/cheesy electro pop record.

Some of y’all know I love Drake, like the beard turns me on in ways it shouldn’t. I think he’s one of the most consistent musically, at least for the lane he’s created. I mean if he wasn’t on this song I wouldn’t miss him but because he’s here I’m not mad that the invitation was extended. Catch my drift?

In a world full of pop tarts that wannabe divas one hour and saints the next I appreciate that she’s authentic to herself whether you, me or them think it’s a marketing scheme it comes off as second nature and not industry fluff. Out of all the girls that are out at the moment and really for the last decade Rihanna has stood the test of time musically and image wise. I feel like she’s playing with her sound & look rather than forcing a trend here and there down our throats. I’ve seen some reviews and most think this album is a cluster fuck of confusion and hit & miss in many spots. I beg to differ, it’s the woman’s EIGHTH album and she’s been consistent as hell 6 out of the 8, let her live.

I don’t know if Ri wants to be sad or like fuck whoever she’s talking to but I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album cause  I cheat on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal so inconsistently every other month and now Anti is not streaming anywhere but on Tidal and well my coins are low (and I’ve paid Apple for the month to stream)…so.


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