Beyonce Commands Us To Get in “Formation”


Over the Superbowl weekend popular music’s reigning queen urged us all to get in Formation and in line with her new era & current message. Now Beyonce has never been the type of artist to speak on social politics through her music so it was a refreshing shocker to hear and witness her tackle police brutality, money, cults, religion, vanity and bring the LGBT community to the forefront with Formation. It felt very visceral and authentic but at first I kept thinking “isn’t she a bit late to the mourning?”

Now revisiting this post I see that Beyonce is right on time and in such a fitting way. In the recent aftermath of everyone’s opinions, backlash about her Superbowl performance and the suicide of #BlackLivesMatter champion MarShawn McCarrell the message of Formation rings louder than I think she predicted. I think Yonce has finally tapped into the voice that so many of us have waited for her to unleash, especially in a time where she’s one of the most sought out voices of her generation. You can only avoid or make a choice to not address situations but only for so long when you see people who look like you dying daily and savagely.  The music is aggressive and trendy but I think the impact will outlast the current wave of trap, or at least I hope.

The day Formation dropped I went from a casual Beyonce fan to a certified one. Well done.



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