Album Review: King- We Are King


I’d heard of We Are King a couple of years back due in part to my home girl in my head, Erykah Badu, who I guess tweeted about the R&B trio and traction started gaining and their music fell upon the ears of legends such as Prince, Questlove just to name a few. I’ll be honest, I really just kind of glanced over them and dismissed them as another group attempting to create some bohemian soul that was for the moment. Much like how I didn’t catch on to Amy Winehouse until Frank was imported to the States, I’m kicking myself for not being on this wagon from the beginning.

As I write these words please understand that I don’t warm up to newer artists with such ease and fondness as I’ve done with this group. I’m a lover of music that comes along with chord progressions, mean hooks, lush production and solid songwriting and I’ve always felt that as a grown woman there really were no females outside of Jill Scott and Badu who I could turn to when I wanted to feel a gamut of emotions that weren’t being represented. Welcome to We are King. When I listen I hear everything I’ve longed for, when I look at them I see everyday women with a love for music creating it for the sake of the art form.

Some of my favorite songs are Oh, Please, Supernatural, Hey (Extended Mix), Mister Chameleon, The Story, really the entire damn album if I’m being honest. Besides having dope music the greatness that pulls me in with the trio is they produce, write and record their music on their own label. Can you say game changing? Can you say R&B is alive and well? The music stands on its own feet but when you factor in everything else it sends me into a state of euphoria. When I listen to this album in full my immediate thought is Stevie Wonder, the chords and progressions Paris (the producer) comes up with are in the vein of Innervisions, Talking Book & Songs In The Key of Life, even much of some of Stevie’s early 80s work could be referenced. That’s a total compliment and no shade to the dynamic of their work & sound.

It’s refreshing to see women who look like me and aren’t ridiculously overdressed and dripping in makeup just singing and playing from their soul, this is feel good, warm inside music that has the potential to be labeled timeless. The last time I was this enthralled was during Amy Winehouse’s flawless run because much like We Are King, the setup is authentic.  I really don’t have to write much more, only to urge you, you and YOU to go get this album, stream it and love on it.


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