Grammy Snub: Still No Televised Love for Traditional R&B In 2016

I don’t understand how the Grammy’s wouldn’t air this segment and why they present is so early in the ceremony and there’s no one really in the audience.
Not to harp on MJ (like I do in many of my FB posts) but this is like the same thing that happened when he won in 1980 the award wasn’t televised for Best Male Vocal Performance and what many didn’t know then was he was pissed and fighting for that to be a reality so when he won for Thriller those awards were televised.
So in 2016 why is it that people consider R&B a dying art form yet EVERYBODY steals & copies the art form but it’s not shown on national TV? What’s really up with that? The Weeknd nor D’Angelo were shown accepting their awards either and to true R&B heads this was a monumental moment for D’Angelo considering all it took to get him to make an album and tour. As far as The Weekend you would’ve though he would be the draw to get folks to watch in turn spotlighting R&B, nope, didn’t happen.
What makes this award for Lalah even more special is that she won for a song her severely underrated dad Donny Hathaway originally recorded. It was a special moment and should’ve been shared. I think to say that R&B is special/important but then snub the genre and artists completely is a slap in the face, especially when so many other genres stand on its foundation.  Do better Grammy’s.

One thought on “Grammy Snub: Still No Televised Love for Traditional R&B In 2016

  1. WOW, this is crazy. I barely watched the Grammy’s last night, I peeked in just in time to see Kendrick Lamar’s performance, oh and I saw the Lionel Richie tribute (lack luster) but you are so right, why is it that traditional R&B isn’t getting the recognition it deserves? I mean In my opinion it’s the traditional format that paved the way for the new age sound of R&B with RnBass & Trap Soul, it’s a shame that an award as important as the one Lelah won didn’t get televised for the world to see, but I am glad the she did win it.

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