Nina. A Biopic. WTF.

I imagine this is how Nina looks speaking to God at the moment about that atrocious biopic coming our way.

As a kid I used to think she was awkward looking and so was her music but now she’s one of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever seen.
One day in my gloom after a significant life altering experience I sat on the couch and watched her Live in Montreux 1976 concert I began to just cry. It was a self revealing, getting closer to the truth/happy cry. I saw a woman that happened to be black in all her honesty, after all the turmoil and bullshit she’s faced still able to get on stage and do what she loved to do.
I saw clarity, I saw strength and I saw the unapologetic demeanor that was Nina Simone. She would absolutely be vocal, irate and rightfully so regarding this minstrel show that is her life paraded on film for the self-serving people behind this movie. I know her daughter has spoken, but forgive me, they didn’t have the best relationship and I know what it means to lose a mother and his feelings can change and rearrange but she should know her mama better than to speak up for this film.
To each it’s own. I’ll stick with the music.


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