Concert Review: King



Last month I traveled to Charlotte, NC to see the R&B trio King (2/28). I missed their DC show early last month and I’ve hoped and wished to see them live, normally I wouldn’t even think to travel to go see an artist, especially a group new in terms of years they’ve been together, but this was special, this was King. The show I really wanted to see was in Raleigh but the show sold out so Charlotte was my only hope for the rest of their east coast stops.

The show was at the Neighborhood Theater in the eclectic and historic part of Charlotte, the venue surrounded by rustic bars and local entertainment. First off, the downtown area was quaint and inviting we stopped in a bar to use the restroom and the bartender chatted me up in such a friendly way. The venue itself was small but not crowded to where I couldn’t move or find a seat, the house was full once the show began at 8pm.  I took my sister with me who isn’t the biggest music fan and it could have been Michael Jackson reincarnated on the stage and it still probably wouldn’t have moved her. She did however like the opening act The Queens Guard ft. Blanche J, they brought their A game and their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s magical As was a testament to the beauty of music. It was time for King who took the stage a little after 9pm, from the moment Amber sung the first notes of Supernatural I knew that my road trip was worth it and they lived up to every expectation I had of them live. The highlights were Hey (the crowd screamed when Paris played the opening notes), Oh Please!, really the entire hour-long set. The only mishap was during Mister Chameleon the music abruptly cut off, Paris began talking to sound guy and they quickly got everything back right and the show continued flawlessly.

As their catalog continues to grow I believe their show will become more intricate, the only thing I could think of is I would’ve loved a cover or two of some of their influences put into the show to stretch their time on stage but who could really find anything to add when the tickets were a steal at $20????

I definitely recommend seeing them live, they are awesome and sound and feel just like the album which you can buy through their website or you can stream the album on Spotify, Tidal or iTunes.




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