Review: K. Michelle Has “More Issues Than Vogue” On New Album



R&B singer and reality TV star K. Michelle dropped her third studio album More Issues Than Vogue last Friday and girlfriend spared no expense on feelings or fucks given. K started the album off with the funky, upbeat Mindful letting all the haters, naysayers and distractions know that she doesn’t need anyone to confirm or pay like she weighs cause she takes care of her own. So here’s the thing she sets the tone with this song but if you’re already a K. Michelle fan you know the best is yet to come, if you’re not well you might be turned off or on, depending on your mood upon first listen. The current single, Not A Little Bit, has K addressing an old love and letting him know that while he may think he’s still got a place in her life, she in fact has moved on. It’s a cool little empowering song for women who go back and forth but I have this thing for songs that have that generic “pop” beat, think of Keyshia Cole’s Heaven Sent and you’ll understand what I mean, I’m sure that was her aim to get pop radio play but her voice is just too beautiful and powerful for sub par beats. This time around K. Michelle only has three features on the album with Trina & Yo Gotti on Rich and pop cutie Jason Derulo on Make The Bed. I actually enjoy Trina & Yo Gotti more than I do Jason, but again she went for the urban and pop radio with both of those records.

The standout tracks for are Nightstand, an ode to vibrators and masturbation, Time, All I Got, Ain’t You and Mindful. Overall this is a solid album from an even more solid artist, the thing I love about K. Michelle is that she understands her voice and what works, she has a very good ear for production and even though she’s ratchet at hell she SELLS in her voice, there’s no turning back vocally if she’s going to cuss you out and make love in the process. You can stream her new album on Spotify, Tidal or purchase via iTunes.


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