#MorningSoul: Stevie Wonder “I Never Dreamed You Leave In Summer”


I thought I’d start sharing with everyone some of my fav songs…and the reason behind why I love them so much. This song in particular touched me as a teenager, I actually bought this Stevie Wonder cd that had 20 of his most classic joints at the time and this song was one of them, I was living in Greece so I was no older than 11 on a good day. We moved to England and I became a teenager and I played the hell out of this cd especially one summer after I experienced my first love and that shit rolled into the winter and over into the spring…and so on. I would play this song and just cry because I missed this dude but more so I think I just missed the idea of spending time with someone and being in a foreign place versus traveling back to my hometown during the summers was wearing on me.

Any who, Stevie Wonder is just a beautiful soul who writes even more beautiful songs.



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