New Music: Fantasia Gets “Ugly” for Second Single


It’s really not the day for me to review music, I’m a Fantasia fan, and I love for better or worse she’s kept going musically and expanded her subject and sound for the most part and so I need to say this before I dive into my thoughts R&B has been at a crossroads for a long ass time in terms of staying true to the grassroots and wanting acceptance in the mainstream by going to the ledge of being pop in terms of sound. There’s this generic sound to a lot of R&B songs that have come out since 2009 until now. The pianos, drums sound very programmed and leaves the overall feeling of these songs hollow and especially when you have a powerhouse vocalist like Fantasia the music lays flat and doesn’t surround her in the way it needs to. It just feels cheap, that’s the best way I can describe it.

I’m all here for her wanting to do a song that leans more toward country music but we are living in some odd times when the R&B girls want to go country and the country girls wanna be down with the rappers. I think the crossover is dope but it becomes troubling when the core music is so saturated and watered down that now the lines are not defined and the music begins to lose its soul and essence, which is what has happened with R&B in the last decade.

“Ugly” is definitely a song that will play well with the American Idol audience Fantasia was first introduced to and I’m sure it will get spins in the pop market but I can’t see her day one fans really understanding her intention behind this song. There’s no doubt home girl can BLOW but I would just love to see her get with producers that compliment and understand the type of production that will really let her voice shine.

Fantasia is set to release her fifth studio album The Definition Of…sometime this year and you can catch her in a city near you this spring on tour with soul veteran Anthony Hamilton beginning April  21st.





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