New Music: Maxwell Releases New Single “Lake By The Ocean”



R&B recluse, Maxwell, is back with new music since his last full length album BLACKsummers’night in 2009. First off let me just say, I’m really kind of over having to wait more than 2 years for ANY new music from a particular artist but especially Maxwell because I just feel either you want to be a singer or it’s just a hobby for him at this point. I get when certain people step away due being unhappy with their labels, contract issues, or the music scene in general but if you’re in good health then make music, consistently!

So for the Maxwell fans that are hanging on, here you go. The first 20 seconds bored me (the cover should be an indication of where the music is heading) and that’s another thing if you’re going to make your fans wait at least come out swinging and not release a song that sounds leftover from the last album (I’m sure the ladies will eat it up though). I’m not the biggest Maxwell fan (maybe you can tell) but I do think he started out as a great artist but this isn’t like D’Angelo where you KNOW D is going to JAM coming out the gate, Maxwell is hit and miss and this right here is a miss for me. His new album blackSUMMERS’night will be released on July 1st (heard that one before) but I guess its credible since this is reportedly the same night he’ll headline the Essence music festival in New Orleans. Can’t you feel my excitement??? You can cop “Lake By The Ocean” on iTunes.


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