#MorningVibes: Mariah Carey ft. Dru Hill ‘Beautiful Ones’



I’ve always loved this song and its one of my favorite remakes. Honestly I loved it more than original when I first heard it, of course going back to Purple Rain over the years the love has evened out for both. I know a lot of people have jumped on the Prince bandwagon since his death, but I legit played this out in 1997 and it still gets the same devotion today. It stings because the legend himself is no longer here but it holds up and is a true testament to the songwriting of Prince and that longing and love will forever be. Mariah & Dru Hill SANG this shit. I wanted it to be a single, I wanted a video and I had it all mapped out in my mind that we would see her and Dru Hill in a dark room surrounded by water with chaises, kind of like Brandy in Brokenhearted but this would be darker and there would be rain and lighting. I can wish right? Just groove.


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