Mayah Dyson From BET’s Hit Show ‘Chasing Destiny’ Talks Music & Kelly Rowland


So one night I was watching Chasing Destiny on BET starring Kelly Rowland of Destiny Child’s & solo fame and choreographer to the stars Frank Gatson (Beyonce). I really wasn’t planning to be so invested in the show until this chocolate beauty popped on the screen from Berklee College of Music, her name is Mayah by the way of Woodbridge, VA.  She was refreshing, pure and open. She introduced herself and instantly I knew for some reason that I wanted to reach out to her but honestly I thought there was no way I’d eventually end up interviewing her. I went on Instagram found her page, followed and the next morning she hit me up wondering if I would interview her. Of course, it was almost like fate that someone on the path to music in such a structured environment would cross my path, an indirect connection that thrives off emotion and the love of music. I predict this young lady is going to be a key player in R&B/soul music and with the guidance of Kelly/Frank on her journey she’s off to a great start. Click the link below and listen to what Mayah has to say.


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