On Spreaker: LoopThatBish #StevieWonderMix



When I play a Stevie Wonder song one thing is bound to happen if I listen long enough and that’s tears, happy or sad, that’s just what his music does for me. It wasn’t necessarily hard narrowing down the songs that would be featured on the mix, I simply chose them by what made me feel good and how they resonate with me even til this day. Stevie has legitimate classics for days, even the songs that weren’t chosen as singles JAM, to me that’s the true testament of an artist when their catalogue is so diverse you can spend hours loving on each one in a different.

These mixes that we choose to do in living tribute are important because at least to us it honors musicians while they are here as opposed to when its fashion after they’ve left this earth. Stevie Wonder has given us timeless, thoughtful and beautiful music to embrace and love until the end of time. I hope you enjoy it.



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