Video | Babyface Stops by ‘Wendy’ to Talk ‘DWTS’ & R&B Deets!


Babyface stops by ‘Wendy’ to dish on on his time on “Dancing With the Stars”, how he felt about TLC and how Pebbles, their then manager, was portrayed on their made for TV movie. The last part of the segment he talks about working with Mary J. Blige on her new album.

I’ve always respected Babyface for the producer/singer/songwriter he has always been, but now I respect him even more because while he’s so soft-spoken he tells it like it is. I believe him when he says that Pebbles was portrayed in a light that really wasn’t her. They were all young, hungry and trying to make the best music they could. People don’t understand that when you sign a deal, especially with a parent company that the money funnels through more than one hand and business before it reaches the artists.

You live and learn, I’m so glad he’s still here making music.


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