Video | Solange Makes Her Debut on SNL



Solange made her rounds to SNL this past weekend to debut her live performances of “Cranes In The Sky” & “Don’t Touch My Hair” off her highly acclaimed album A Seat At The Table. She was admittedly nervous and a few fans pointed out that she missed some of her lyrics but I thought it was honest, raw and a moment that the younger sister of superstar Beyonce showed the world that she was deserving of her own spotlight. I normally don’t watch SNL but I made an exception for Solange because this moment wasn’t just about her, it was about a black musician singing songs that speak to black America but also informing those outside choosing or not choosing to look in how it feels with an intelligent, emotionally driven perspective. Solange meant every word even when the words changed and you could see the laid back urgency in her eyes during “Don’t Touch My Hair”, how she pointed while singing.

I also found it interesting that Solange chose to include some unknown but very dope artists to back her. One of her backup singers was Mayah Dyson from Woodbridge, VA. She attends Berklee College and featured on the show Chasing Destiny on BET. I interviewed her this summer and to witness her progression is nothing short of dope. Another college student majoring in jazz, Adam Dewalt, from Loyola University backed Solange in her horn section. I’m glad she’s giving opportunities for local talent to shine.

If you’re still living in 2015 and haven’t heard Solange’s album, shame on you. Its fire and well worth the time.

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One thought on “Video | Solange Makes Her Debut on SNL

  1. Yes! This is everything!

    I also appreciate as you did that she used some unknown, but very dope artist. She is so genuine to me.

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