#NewMusic: BJ The Chicago Kid | The Lost Files: Cuffing Season Mixtape



If you grew up in the 90s this speaks to you….I have tapes somewhere in my daddy’s basement that look exactly like this one and I can tell you songs by name that are on them. The nostalgia matches the music. The thing that impresses me about BJ is he a legitimate R&B sound.
My only gripe is his mixtapes have been more fire than his debut album and that’s not a diss but more of an observation. A good chunk of the songs featured here SHOULD have made his Grammy nominated album In My Mind.

The What’s Love Got To Do With It audio samples are kind of awkward considering Ike & Tina didn’t have the romantic relationship we all dream of but part of me figured BJ was trying to capture the love before the pain and how that intertwined with the love of music between the two. Or maybe I’m reading too deep into it. Y’all can call it.

The lead single Uncle Marvin (an homage to my fave singer in the world) is a jazzy vibe with a house party video to boot is kind of out of the mix with the rest of this project. I feel like this song should have been a cool little interlude because there are stronger songs on the mixtape that deserved a video treatment but BJ overall never disappoints.

One thing that is for certain, BJ is one of THE best new school artists making music and with each release it’s clear he’s building a foundation to create longevity in this game. The detail to his music is like no other present day. You can stream the new project over at Audiomack and various blogs

Get into it.



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