#NewMusic | Thundercat | Drunk

Thundercat - Drunk - Front & Back Cover


Can I just start off by saying that Thundercat is one of the most hilarious figures in music at the moment. Secondly, this album cover for some reason reminds me of Miles Davis in spirit. He is funny, but he’s a serious, genre bending, thought-provoking musician. The last time I really cared about a bassist at heart was Marvin Isley, Robert Wilson, Wayman Tisdale, my father and Stanley Clarke. Okay, so off the top of my head that’s a good number of bassists but the fact that Thundercat is  seemingly creating his own space is badass and a testament to the spirit of musicianship. The hipster, cool crew will recognize his name for his contributions to K. Dot’s landmark album, TPAB.

Drunk is a mid tempo at times slow pulsating groove that is cohesive and jams the entire way through. There are standout tracks that you should immediately listen to but dude made and ALBUM and listening to it straight through is sonic joy. Standout cuts are :

Lava Lamp

Bus Into These Streets

Show You The Way (ft. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)- I want to add that McDonald sounds so screwed and chopped on this one.

Walk On By (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Drink Dat (ft. Wiz Khalifa)- The production is money.

The Turn Down (ft. Pharrell)- Honestly this was the weaker of the features for me, its cool, but I have other favorites. I only included this as a standout cut because of Pharrell and it probably will appeal to others.

The thing I appreciate and maybe this was on purpose but each song is no more than three minutes and thirty-five seconds long. Today’s consumer doesn’t have the attention span once required to sit through an entire album and these short, well produced songs serve their purpose in that respect as well as the intricate yet purposeful segues of thirty seconds of music. I can hear Friend Zone on the next season of Insecure as the lyrics are what most dudes and even females are thinking but might not necessarily say. I also like that he included Them Changes because it’s that good that it needs a second round for the masses and Insecure introduced it to a new audience.

Appreciate the musicianship. Dare I say contender for album of the year at the Grammys next year? You can stream on the major outlets to formulate your answer.


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