#MorningVibes | Ain’t No Need To Worry | Anita Baker & The Winans


Anita Baker & The Winans released this song in 1987 as the lead single for The Winans fifth album, Decisions. The reason I picked this song is because its one of my favorites and honestly I’ve listened to a lot of R&B albums from the 90s and revisited the fact that pretty much any album worth stock ended with a gospel song. I think that says a lot about where the roots of R&B was during the 90s and how authentic the music and the artists were singing. I think the pairing of a gospel group and a solo R&B singer during the time was genius. I wish the days would come back where artists included a faith-based song as apart of their album. Recently Fantasia did it but the thing is back in the day artists didn’t include at least in my opinion a gospel song to have crossover appeal, it was just what naturally felt right to give thanks and recognize their roots. That’s no sneak diss to Fantasia but the industry is different today. Check the video below for Sunday goodness.



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