#ThatFYE | Lay Up | Ella Mai

21-year-old DJ Mustard protégé, London-based singer, Ella Mai is doing her thing as of now with her EP Change. One of the songs that’s not on the EP that caught my attention is 10,000 hours which initially caught my ear, it has that bounce and life that is so needed in R&B right now. Lay Up has that same bounce and Ella effortlessly rides the beat, she’s been listening and surely studying American trap soul.

I have a deep affection for the UK as I used to live there and the connection to R&B is authentic when it comes to British artists. I’m always a bit hesitant to give younger, newer artists a chance because in this world of instant gratification artists come and go like much of social media trends but I never want to make the mistake of catching on too late like I did with Amy Winehouse again. I’m in no way comparing her to Amy, but the feeling of discovering great talent is there for me with this chick. Check out her video below if you haven’t already.


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