#NewVideo | Sideline | Niia ft. Jazmine Sullivan

I’ll be honest I wasn’t familiar with Niia until one day I was on Spotify and she popped up under new releases. I was curious as I am about a new face and I decided to give her album a listen. I was pleasantly surprised and when I started reading up on her it all began to click for me. She’s a singer/songwriter/pianist and she’s done a lot behind the scenes in terms of music. She got her big break to so to speak working with Wyclef Jean on the single Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) which I’ve never heard, but I digress.

Sometimes you can quickly see why certain artists stay in the background or craft songs for other artists. Half of me says that Niia should’ve just given this song to Jazmine to sing for herself but while it’s an odd and really out of the blue pairing I think they did the song justice together. I’m not mad at the duet but if they had not of done it I wouldn’t be missing the combo. Any who you can check out the video below and stream or download Niia’s album on the major streaming sites.



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