#NewEP | 3:33am | Amber Mark

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I discovered this young woman and for some reason without any knowledge of her music or background began searching her name on Google. Her music or story couldn’t have come at a more needed time, she is everything I needed to hear and see musically. My first thought was that she was going to have a M.I.A. vibe because of the Indian influence and she’s being described as this new age soul chick with an international flair (or maybe that’s my take). However I was pleasantly and equally surprised that she sounded nothing like I thought she would, she actually was even more dope.

It’s always great when you can relate to an artist and I definitely feel every aspect of this EP. I lost my mama in 2002 at the age of 20 years old, Amber lost her mom 4 years ago, she’s now 23. I wish I could have articulated death and my hurt, anger, sadness, mistakes, regret and just numbness through words and song. There are many things running through this EP from the production to the lyrics down to the sonic vibe of it. I’ve said this in the past somewhere on Twitter but the true testament of an artist is their ability to sing about joy, sadness and any emotion and create a space in their production that goes against that. Marvin Gaye used to do it in his music as well as Stevie Wonder but Amber is a new wave that is shaking up what it means to be an artist again. I almost want to say that I feel the way I did when I for myself first discovered Amy Winehouse, time and music will tell. However today I know that she has this special ability to paint scenes with her music and I love how while this EP is definitely reflective, somber and at times gut wrenching in the sleekest way, it’s the music that keeps the tempo of the heart in mind in swing and uplifted. I love the use of the sitar and the drums give the EP an international vibe. I read in an interview that she used the rain and her mother’s voice to capture their time in India, I can’t tell you or anyone else the last time I heard the sound of rain on an EP or album. I think it’s slowly brewing but more artists are getting back to the basics of great songwriting which is thematic and structure in songs lyrically and production wise.

I think its dope that Amber produced and wrote this EP, the game is sorely missing female producers and lyricists.

In the last hour the songs that grab me are Lose My Cool, Can You Hear Me?, and Space. I think as a body of work this is refreshing and I’m sure there’s no coincidence she dropped this on Mother’s Day weekend.

I’m glad I accidentally found this gem of an artist and you should play her album on Spotify (not sure about other streaming sites) when you get the chance.


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