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Artist and fellow Instagram supporter, Summarae, kindly let me interview her not too long ago. I don’t recall how we initially begin following each other but I do remember watching her family’s hit reality show, Flex & Shanice, on the Oprah branded network, OWN, and making the connection that she was related to the family through father, uncle Spirit, a favorite on the show.
As we continued to follow each other I learned that she too herself was an aspiring singer and she was putting in work with legendary & multi-platinum producer Bud’da. Summarae hails from Pittsburgh and she has a throwback sound that is reminiscent of the days when lyrics and music mattered to the average consumer. I invite you all to read further and get to know this artist that’s on her grind.


LoopThatBish: Hi Summarae, it’s great to finally get the chance to interview you. You & I have been Instagram followers of each other for some time.

Summarae: Yes! I enjoy your posts & truly appreciate your support!

LoopThatBish: How has social media impacted your music?

Summarae: Social media has impacted my music & brand equity immensely! For starters, I am able to reach a broader audience while getting to know and interact with my fans! Conversely, social media allows supporters to get to know me, not only as an artist but as a person! My social media friends/fans are the BEST! They are full of knowledge, very talented, funny and respectful! I truly appreciate each one of them! They have been very instrumental in sharing my music and spreading my messages! Some of them even send me beautiful words of encouragement and prayers. They help give me the energy to keep going! Shout out to all my social media friends/family & all the DJs, music bloggers & promoters that are riding with me on this journey!

LoopThatBish: Which artists have influenced you from each era of music? The 70s, 80s and 90s? Who influences you presently?

Summarae: This is a difficult question, because my influences come from so many incredible artists and so many genres. If I had to narrow them down it would be as follows:

From the 70s it would be Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Earth, Wind & Fire,

Phyllis Hyman

From the 80s: Sade, Anita Baker, Atlantic Starr

From the 90s: Lauryn Hill, Angie Stone & Toni Braxton

Presently I’m influenced by Jill Scott, Leela James, Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige!

Additionally, my mom, Belva Odom Salik, had a strong impact on me. She’s an excellent writer, poet and singer. She is by far, my greatest influence past and present!

LoopThatBish :I know you come from a family of artists, has your cousin Shanice given you any pointers or advice about longevity or surviving the music business?

Summarae: Shanice is an AMAZING person, inside and out! She has taught me so much about the industry and continues to give me support, assistance and advice!

LoopThatBish: If you could work with a legendary artist who would that be?

Summarae: If I could work one artist it would be the late, great, High Priestess of Soul-Ms. Nina Simone. I love her music immensely! She delivers so much passion and emotional intensity during her performances, that you can feel every part of her soul in each song. Her stories are absolutely spellbinding and thought-provoking. She sang with such purpose, passion consciousness and conviction. I get chills each time I listen to her.

LoopThatBish: Who is your favorite producer and why?

Summarae: My favorite producer is multi-platinum producer/composer Bud’da! He is a legend in his own right, having worked with just about everyone in the music industry, including Xzibit, Nas, Timbaland, Lenny Kravitz, Tank, Dawn Robinson of Envogue, Shanice, King T, Ras Kass, Dr. Dre, Aaliyah & Ice Cube to name a few! Additionally, he scored the soundtrack to one of my kid’s favorite movies – “The Proud Family Movie!” What I appreciate about him is that he is very receptive to my ideas and took a chance on me! Prior to us working together, he took time out to get to know my life story and understand who I was as a person and artist. These type of insights helped he and I form creative synergies to enable our music to breathe. He understands & completes my stories like no one else! In addition to us both being from Pittsburgh, PA we share a lot of common life experiences. I think those experiences connect us spiritually and creatively. He is my spiritual brother!

LoopThatBish: What is your favorite song at the moment and why?

Summarae: Unfortunately, I don’t have one favorite song! I have many! My favorite song is any song that resonates in my spirit! The song changes depending on how I feel mentally, spiritual and emotionally!

LoopThatBish: Do you think R&B is dead and how do you feel when people say it?

Summarae: I don’t agree with the statement that R&B is dead! R&B is alive and well and still evolving!

LoopThatBish: How do you think your music will push R&B forward?

Summarae: My hopes are to bridge the gap between the younger & the older generations and evolve with R & B! I want my music to be a fresh contribution in a new realm that sonically and lyrically establishes new boundaries while honoring & respecting the old ones!

LoopThatBish: Your family was famously involved in reality TV on the OWN network? Would you ever consider a reality show focused around your life and music?

Summarae: Yes, my family’s show, Flex & Shanice, which was a huge hit on the OWN network! I don’t want to rule anything out, however having a reality show is not on my radar at this time.

LoopThatBish: What’s next for Summarae?

Summarae: I am excited to say, I am in the studio working on new material, constantly writing, meeting with my management team and planning on releasing new music later this year, 2017! Additionally, there will be a few surprise elements on this project that I can’t tell you about yet. You gotta stay tuned for that!

LoopThatBish: Where can fans find you on social media? My fans can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope & Twitter at: Summarae or they visit my website www.summarae.com

It was a pleasure having the chance to interview you. I wish you much success in the future! Thank you so much! I had a blast speaking with you! I appreciate you as well as the opportunity! I’ll keep you posted on any new developments. One love!


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