#NewVideo | Monsoon | Amber Mark


Amber Mark continues to make a name for herself in the music world with her audio diary 3:33am EP. Her latest release, Monsoon, a song like the rest on her EP is deeply personal, dealing with the loss of her beloved mother. The video is stunningly beautiful and captures the joy and love her mother had for India, a place Amber spent with her mother and where she gained musical influence. The song and video are reflective, uplifting but at the same time listening to the lyrics you can’t help but to hear that Amber clearly misses her mother but the beauty is how she captures that love for her while still longing in her absence. In my previous EP review I stated that she has the gift that few have and that is to make music that uplifts but also tells a story that doesn’t have a happy ending. Check out the video below.


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