Every Kind Of Way : A Short Film Inspired by Music from H.E.R.

One of my favs is continuously on a mission to let the world know she is coming for every wig with her upcoming album Vol. 2 which drops on June 16th.

I used to bitch about R&B being dead along with the rest of the zombies but the last 2 years have convinced me that it wasn’t dying it was just going through transitions and thankfully the non-sense and lack of promotion didn’t further encourage artists to leave it alone all together. H.E.R. is igniting excitement and conversation on where R&B is currently heading and she takes it a step further by releasing a visual companion piece dedicated to the music that helped change the game. The film spans and explores a little over 10 minutes of different couples of race and orientation dealing with love, she cleverly intertwines her music from Vol.1 & Vol.2 into the mix. I legit got a little teary-eyed 7 minutes in just because of the beauty of it all.

I feel like those who are paying attention are witnessing an artist come into her own and its only the second volume of work. She in my opinion is at the forefront of R&B and those sleeping on her will soon see what we all know, that she is dope and worthy of praise. Watch below.



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