#AlbumReview | Ctrl | SZA



SZA claims her Ctrl

Control doesn’t have the same meaning as Ctrl these days, particularly for the iPhone/Android generation. The last Control album I was enamored with was Ms. Jackson if ya nasty Janet but boys and girls control means something different to the millennial generation these days. Gather round and lets talk about sex, love, infidelity and side chicks, SZA is making music for ratchet and evenly geeky chicks who just want to have fun with themselves and your man who is their man on The Weekend. Ctrl is dominance, vulnerability, contemplation, cleverness and self-awareness of all that is beautiful and fucked up in relationships.  On the opening song SZA deals with revenge sex but throughout the album themes of being a savage and getting revenge on a lover masked with losing control and trying to find balance of gaining it back and maintaining it while still seeking love or what reminds her of love. One of my fav’s Pretty Little Bird is about a bird that doesn’t fly the same but has the need to try be what nature has intended it to be. The theme of being broken but still functioning also runs throughout in songs Broken Clocks and Pretty Little Birds.

The war between SZA’s vulnerability and dominance is clear on such songs as Doves In The Wind, Go Gina, The Weekend, Love Galore and Supermodel. I know there are many that want to compare SZA to Rhianna but she’s in her own lane and has her own sound and with Ctrl she’s proving that she’s not just another TDE member but an R&B force that with a few more solid albums down the line could open a lane that Res, Santigold and so many others tried to navigate to lukewarm reception. I definitely think its time for a different yet refreshing artist of SZA’s DNA. You can listen to the album on the major streaming outlets.


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