#UndercoverHater | Whitney Houston | Madonna

So my timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are quiet about this letter from Madonna during the 90s that called out Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone?!?!
Well I get it, Madonna was frustrated after the Sex book and Erotica backlash and Whitney had a beyond phenomenal run with the Bodyguard (which I’m assuming that’s the era that she’s referencing). But simply, she was being a snobby hater.
Whitney earned ALL of that success she got during that time and for her to reference that she could understand how black entertainers felt when Elvis came along is craziness. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was using was given to her by God, her VOICE. If Madonna thought she was mediocre it makes me wonder what she thought of MJ and his sister, Janet.
Y’all know I love Madonna, but I gotta call them like I see them. She was wrong but she was also sharing her thoughts in private to a person she considered a confidante or friend.

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