#1 Female Rap Artist | The Crowning of Cardi B.

Thinking about this Cardi B situation where she’s the 1st solo female rapper to go to #1 since 1998 (Lauryn Hill was the last)… and I had to put it into perspective.
As much trash as Nicki talks, she’s never been able to do it. Online hype, her body, deluxe releases of her albums never did it. Ponder on that.
Cardi came from Love & Hip-Hop where people pretty much go when their careers have hit auto pilot or its over. She’s changed the narrative whether anyone likes it or not of reality tv. It most definitely can make you a star of your respective field if used properly.
She put out 2 mixtapes within 6 months (mixtapes haven’t been an effective tool since the mid 2000’s). She’s done everything old school and winning in the new school.
People buy into personalities, this is where she capitalized and her music for better or worse followed behind the hype.
They dropped her single to 69 cents on iTunes. Read that back. They marketed her on social media TO GET HER TO #1.
The days of MARKETING may possibly come back with her success. She’s signed with Atlantic and when you walk in her face is on the wall.
Last night I was on Smule and I KNEW the rhyme cadence for Bodak Yellow and rapped that joint with no problem and didn’t know the words. Simplicity but she has a rhyme scheme whether the purists wanna give her credit.
For the record I can take or leave her. I’m actually not impressed by her rapping but she’s figured out a way to saturate the market and that’s a class in music business 101.

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