#ClassicAlbums | SWV | It’s About Time


It’s About Time was released Oct. 27, 1992

In the fall of 1992 three young women from Brooklyn and the Bronx released their debut album, It’s About Time. I was still in the states at this time but soon my life was getting ready to be changed forever as my family prepared to head overseas in 1993. The fondest memories I have of this album are being in my parents house in Athens, Greece BLASTING it from front to back. I was around 11 years old at the time and I remember having my mama’s friend ship the album to me because during that time albums received delayed releases in Europe. The night I got this album I ripped the plastic and immediately began playing it. The intro Anything is a producer’s dream with rain drops synced in perfect time with the beat that still sounds so fresh til this day. I’m So Into You is an important bridge to the evolution of hip-hop soul it was far from the sound of New Jack Swing but close enough that the fans from that era embraced this song. Brian Alexander Morgan is a name I knew in 1993 and its amazing to me that in 2017 I have word exchanges with him, I knew THEN that he was a beast and important to shaping the sound of R&B and here’s why. TLC dropped at the beginning of 1992 with their debut album and Mary dropped her debut album in July of the same year, however SWV had that east coast hip-hop vibe and could BLOW. Brian is from the midwest and was influence by The Gap Band and the bass heavy funk of Zapp & Roger to name a few. When I listen to Weak all I hear is Charlie Wilson vocally and interestingly enough he is the person that Brian had in mind when he wrote the song that secretly relayed his feelings for another up and coming R&B singer Chanté Moore. A the time Brian was mentored by her then boyfriend, Jay King.

SWV was special to me for the fact they had lush melodies and Coko would vocally float over the production that was given to her. I was young but I understood the importance of a singer keeping my attention and she did that effortlessly. She vocally is the bridge between Aaron Hall and Charlie Wilson for females. Her voice is sweet yet dominant at a time when female R&B was either playing with airy soprano or lower tone vocals, she was somewhere in between and killing the game. One thing that will forever remain true about SWV as a vocal trio is their hooks and bridges were MONEY and that’s a testament to great songwriting and vocal arranging. Happy 25 years to a landmark that changed and made the game take notice and shift.






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