#ForTheCulture | The Ex-Factor of R&B

Let me just expound further on this video… R&B and hip-hop is a multi-billion dollar genre. It hardly gets covered in the media (hard to believe but true) when it comes to print/digital outlets.
Everyone that sits up in those offices at the labels and who move the culture don’t look like the artists that create the music. The guy that programs the R&B Pandora station is white. Pretty much every major website has a staff that doesn’t reflect the artists it publishes. DJ Khaled for all the love he gives isn’t a reflection of the culture he makes money off of. That’s totally fine but understand when you’re marginalized and reduced to a person creating a curated sound that probably never picked up a Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu record or doesn’t know who Kashif is then that’s the result.
The culture was sold long ago when BET’s Bob Johnson sold his company to Viacom and BET followed suit and stopped playing videos because that’s what the Viacom owned MTV and VH1 were doing. All the positive programming went away along with the groundbreaking Rap City. BET MOVED the culture of R&B/hip-hop right along with Soul Train and the genres THRIVED in the 70s/80s/90s because of it.
You have to go to the “classic” stations to hear pure R&B…Donnie Simpson lives on Magic 102.3 now but people forget he was the heart of WPGC 95.5 in its heyday and he wasn’t a young dude then but the industry still had respect for older artists and DJ’s. Now you’d be hard pressed to hear authentic R&B on 95.5. Payola took over and this is the result.
I could go on and on…but people need to understand why R&B music and the artists who create aren’t being marketed.

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